Outback Trail Riders

"To ride a horse is to ride the sky"

Welcome ya'll !!

We are the Outback Saddle Club.  Just a small horse trail riding club, that enjoys trail riding and being with friends.  Please feel free to look at the site and we would love to have new members.  We try to ride about every other weekend at different places around Alabama - and sometimes further.  We do day rides and some weekenders.  Enjoy the site and new pictures will be coming soon. 

Outback Members - Lots to do here.....news, trail pictures to look at, advertise that great horse, or no longer needed tack.  Remember - take those pictures on the trail and send to Jamie.

See ya on the trail....


  for any additions or pictures you would like on here at jdaniels@nsr-inc.com

(Please note this is a new email address)

The 2017 Fall Newsletter has been uploaded into the Newsletters tab.

Happy Trails !!